Tower is ISO certified for ISO 9001:2015 and SAE 9100 Rev B compliant.

Founded in 1978, Tower Optical Corporation is a leading provider of high-quality optical components and systems for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, telecommunications, and more. With almost 50 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner for our customers.
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced team of engineers and technicians enable us to design, develop, and produce precision optical products that meet the most demanding specifications. We specialize in custom optical components, such as Waveplates, lenses, mirrors, prisms, filters, optical flats, and optical windows.
At Tower Optical Corporation, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and customer service. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every product we produce is of the highest quality and performs to the highest standards.
We are proud of our reputation for excellence and our long-standing relationships with our customers. We are always striving to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements in the optical & photonics industry and to continue providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.
Thank you for considering Tower Optical Corporation as your optical partner. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and hope to exceed your expectations.



Our mission at Tower Optical Corporation is to empower the world with cutting-edge optical solutions that drive innovation and advance human knowledge. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, precision, and reliability in every product we create. By partnering with our customers, we strive to understand their unique needs and provide tailored optical solutions that exceed their expectations.

We are committed to fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering unparalleled customer service and support. We believe in open communication, collaboration, and a customer-centric approach that ensures we meet and surpass their requirements. Our goal is to be the trusted and preferred choice for optical components and systems across a diverse range of industries.

As a responsible corporate citizens, we prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in all aspects of our operations. We strive to minimize our environmental impact, promote a safe and healthy work environment, and contribute positively to the communities we serve.

At Tower Optical Corporation, we continuously invest in research, development, and technological advancements to stay at the forefront of the optical industry. We embrace innovation and embrace the challenges of tomorrow, leveraging our expertise to create solutions that drive progress and shape a brighter future.

With an unwavering dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and technological excellence, we are committed to being a global leader in the optical industry, driving innovation, and enabling our customers to see the world with unprecedented clarity.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

  1. Notify Our Company, Tower Optical Corporation of nonconforming processes, products, or services and obtain approval for their disposition.
  2. Prevent the use of suspected unapproved, unapproved, and counterfeit parts (see 8.1.4 and 8.1.5 of the AS9100D Standard).
  3. The supplier will flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics.
  4. Certification(s) of Compliance / Test Reports to all applicable specifications if requested by AVI Survival Products
  5. Notify Our Company of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture
  6. Flow down to external provider’s applicable requirements including customer requirements.
  7. The right of access by AVI Survival Products, AVI Survival Products’ customers, and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain.
  8. Records resulting from the processing of this order shall be retained for a minimum of ten (10) years after the completion of Our Company’s customer’s contract, or as otherwise required by that customer.
  9. Supplier responsible for Lost or Damaged Product
  10. AS9100 / ISO 9001 Quality Management System or equivalent preferred.
  11. Ensure that persons/employees are aware of:

‐ their contribution to product or service conformity

‐ their contribution to product safety, and

‐ the importance of ethical behavior


Yoany Rodriguez Ph.D.-President and Chief Executive Office

Harry Seth- Chief Operations Officer

James (Chip) Gorsuch– Director of Business Development

Margie D’Orazio – Accounting Manager

Tower is ISO certified for ISO 9001:2015 and SAE 9100 Rev B compliant.

Trade Affiliations

OSA – Optical Society of America

SPIE – International Society for Optics & Photonics

APOMA – American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association

UCF – University of Central Florida College of Optics and Photonics (corporate affiliate)

FPC – Florida Photonics Cluster (board member)

Company Outlook

Tower produces components for many of today’s emerging technologies. The continuing developments in medicine, science and technology offer an endless opportunity for continued growth and expansion.