• Laser Quality Crystal Quartz
  • Custom Shapes
  • Over 50 wavelengths available
  • Unmounted or Mounted
  • Mounted in 12.7 or 25.4 mm rings
  • Retardations of ½ and ¼ Wave


Pricing and Availability

The Partial Waveplate Series is available for multiple order waveplates in 12.7 or 25.4 mm diameter mounting rings. The optical axis can be set to any location with respect to the cut flat edge of the waveplate. For single waveplates a charge of $100 is added to the base waveplate cost. This approach is also available on a custom basis for cemented zero order waveplates. For more information email sales@TowerOptical.com

Tower Optical Corp. has announced the availability of a series of custom designed waveplates that allow systems with tight requirements for returned beam paths to share the same space as the transmitted beam paths.

The Partial Waveplate Series

The traditional waveplate is a Crystal Quartz disk which has been manufactured to provide a given retardation of a Laser beam at a specific wavelength mounted in an Aluminum ring. In certain system configurations the designer is constrained since the waveplate occupies too much space but only a small portion of the waveplate surface is used. The Partial Waveplate provides the solution by packaging a portion of the waveplate in the ring thereby making space available for other parallel optical beams. Tower Optical is offering both ½ and ¼ segments of waveplates packaged in mounting rings.

Waveplate Specifications

Material: Crystal Quartz – Laser quality
Waveplate Thickness Range: 0.3 to 1.3mm
Wavefront Distortion: λ/10 @ 632.8nm
Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch/Dig
Parallelism (Wedge): 0.5 arc seconds
Wavelength: Per table on website
Retardation Tolerance: ±0.005 waves @ 632.8nm
Coating: Anti Reflective, R<0.25% per surface
Damage Threshold: 1 kW/cm2 – CW, 3.5 J/cm2 @ 10 ns
Unmounted Waveplate Diameter: 10 or 17.5 mm
Mounted Diameter: 12.7 or 25.4 mm
Thickness: 12.7 mm ring = 6.4 mm
                    25.4 mm ring = 7.8,mm