Model TX Flat 4” and 6”

  • Fused silica
  • Surface accuracy of λ/20
  • Wedge of 15 arc minutes
  • Clear aperture: 4” TX Flat = 100 mm
    6” TX Flat = 153 mm
  • Compatible with bayonet-style mount
  • storage case included
  • Low cost

The surface flatness of plano elements such as mirrors, prisms and windows can be verified by the use of an interferometer in conjunction with a transmission flat.

Transmission flats are used when measuring the surface flatness or transmitted wavefront of flat surfaces or optics. The Tower 4” TX Flat provides a clear aperture of 100mm, while the Tower 6” TX Flat provides a clear aperture of 153mm. The TX Flat is an assembly of a precision optical window mounted in an anodized aluminum ring that provides mounting compatibility with most bayonet style housings. The transmission flat assembly is supplied in an aluminum shipping/storage case.

The TX Flat is supplied with one surface ARcoated with R≤ 0.25% @ 633 nm. The uncoated side has a reflectivity of about 4%. It is accompanied by a documented interferogram and Certificate of Compliance.

Ordering Information
4”TX Flat 6” TX Flat
Catalog number: 0535-0005 0535-0011
Price: $2950.00 $5250.00

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Material: Fused Silica
Front Surface Reference: λ / 20
4”TX Flat 6” TX Flat
Diameter: 114.2mm 161.5 mm
Thickness: 19.0mm 28.2 mm
Surface Quality: 20/10, both sides
Wedge: 15±1 arc minute
Protective Bevel: 1.0mm × 45°
Anti Reflective Coating: one side, R≤0.25% @ 633nm
Material: Aluminum, 6061-T6
4”TX Flat 6” TX Flat
Diameter: 127.0 mm 181.1 mm
Height: 28.1 mm 28.2 mm
Finish: Black Anodize
Material: Wooden
Size: 4” TX Flat ~170 × 170 × 50mm
         6” TX Flat ~220 x 220 x 70 mm

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