Multi Order Zero Order
  • Laser Quality Crystal Quartz
  • Zero Order Air Spaced
  • Multiple Order
  • Achromatic Cemented
  • Clear Apertures of 15 & 23 mm
  • Mounted or Unmounted
  • Retardations of ½ and ¼ Wave
  • Hole sizes of 3 & 5 mm
  • User Specified Location

Waveplates With holes for New Designs

Tower Optical Corp., a supplier of premium waveplates, is now supplying precision waveplates with user specified holes, both diameter and location.

New optical subsystem design is being predicated on reducing the overall size of the end product design. In order to accomplish this it is necessary to reduce the space utilized by the beam path. One way to do this is to provide a return path that uses the same space as the transmit path. In the case of waveplates this can be accomplished by placing a hole in the waveplate for either the transmitted or returned beam as required by the design.

Custom designs are welcome for the waveplate and the hole(s) required. Please contact

Waveplate specifications: As per selected waveplate from Tower Optical standard WP’s
Hole Diameter: 3 or 5 mm standard, other sizes optional
Diameter Tolerances: ±0.1 mm
Hole Location: User specified
Pricing for standard configuration
Multi Order: $100 per hole
Zero Order: $150 per hole
Achromatic (cemented): $150 per hole
Ordering Information
Order waveplates separately
Hole-D-WP-Location, where
D= Diameter, 3, 5, S(special)
WP= Z, M or A
Location= C(center), O=other