• Highpower laser coatings: anti-reflection, reflective, partial reflectors,
  • High Damage Laser Coating. Laser damage testing is also available
  • Metallic coatings, Aluminum – UV and protected, Silver protected, Reflectance >98% 800 nm to IR, Gold – protected and unprotected
  • Broadband dichroic beamsplitter coatings
  • Polarizing & Non Polarizing beamsplitter coatings
  • Transparent conductive coatings, Less than 10 ohms per square cm
  • Multi-wavelength and extended coatings
  • Anti-reflective coatings from UV to IR
  • Dielectric high reflective coatings high power
  • Filters short pass, long pass, and bandpass filters

The above coatings are available for wavelengths ranging from UV, VIS, and near IR, including laser wavelengths from 193 nm to 3 microns.

Custom and specialized coatings are available upon request.

IBS Ion beam sputtered thin films for the most complex optical image.

We can provide computer design of optical systems and thin film coatings.

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