Material: BK7 grade A optical glass
Diameter tolerance: ±0.01 mm
Sphericity: ±0.003mm
Surface Quality: 40/20
Coating: None

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Ball Lenses

Ball lenses are used for various tasks such as improving the coupling between optical fibers and the emitters or detectors they interface with. Standard size lenses range from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. Custom made sizes or special materials are also available. All Ball lenses can be ordered with full-surface anti-reflection (AR) coating.

The effective focal length of a ball lens is given by the following formula:

BFL=F – D/2 and EFL=nD/4(n-1)

The Numerical Aperture, NA, of a ball lens is dependent on the focal length of the ball and on the input diameter, d.

NA = 2d(n-1)/nD

Pricing and ordering info

Model No Diameter Material Price
LB1-001 1.0mm BK7 $22
LB1-002 2.0mm BK7 $21
LB1-003 3.0mm BK7 $20
LB1-004 4.0mm BK7 $20
LB1-005 5.0mm BK7 $22
LB2-001 1.0mm UV FS $34
LB2-002 2.0mm UV FS $28
LB2-003 3.0mm UV FS $28
LB2-004 4.0mm UV FS $28
LB2-005 5.0mm UV FS $30
LB2-006 6.0mm UV FS $41
LB2-008 8.0mm UV FS $43
LB2-010 10.0mm UV FS $58


Material : BK-7
Diameter tolerance: +0.0/-0.05mm
Length: ±0.01mm
Surface Quality: 40/20
Coating: None

Drum Lenses

A Drum Lens is a variation of a ball lens where a portion of the ball is ground down to a smaller diameter. These lenses are used in similar applications to those of ball lenses. The Drum Lens adds the ability to handle and package it in a different way.

Pricing and ordering info

Model No Diameter Length Price
LD1-020-025 2.0mm 2.5mm $30
LD1-020-030 2.0mm 3.0mm $30
LD1-020-040 3.0mm 4.0mm $31
LD1-020-050 4.0mm 5.0mm $31

LD2-XXX-yyy is fused silica drum lenses. Contact factory for pricing.

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