Beam Expander, 4” to 6”

  • Precision Optics
  • Quality Mechanics
  • User Friendly
  • Simple Setup
  • Low cost

Tower’s new BeamEx1000 provides a low cost solution to expanding the capability of a standard 4″ Fizeau Interferometer to measure up to 6″ optics. The BeamEx 1000 mounts to the front of a standard interferometer using the industry standard bayonet mount.

The combination of the BeamEx1000 and the interferometer provides for testing of very precise optical surfaces.

The BeamEx1000 also provides an adjustable tip and tilt capability incorporated with a 6″ bayonet mounting to accommodate a suitable transmission flat, a reference flat or a transmission sphere.

Tower offers as an option a 6″ Transmission Flat which snaps into the Beam Ex 1000.

The 6″ flat has a surface error of λ/20 and is AR coated for 632.8nm.

Mechanical Interfaces
   Input: 4″ industry standard bayonet mount
   Output: 6″ industry standard bayonet mount
Adjustment:2 Axis Tip and Tilt of optional 6″ Transmission Flat optic
Input Wavelength: 632.8nm
AR Coating for internal optics: R<0.25%@633nm, per surface
Wavefront Deformation:Single pass @ 23°C,< λ/3
Input Diameter: 104mm
Output Diameter: 155mm
Overall Length: 210mm
Overall Width: 204mm
Overall Height:204mm
Weight:11.7 Lbs no Tx Flat
15.4 Lbs with Tx Flat

BeamEx 1000 with
6” Transmission
Flat installed.

Ordering Information
Catalog No. Price
BeamEx1000 0535-0018 $12,995.00
Tranmission Flat 6” 0535-0011 $5250.00

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